How we helped to create a self-improvement mobile app



Zeno is a self-improvement app intended for men starting their personal development journey with exercise, meditation, fasting, sleep tracking, breath work, cardio, etc. Zeno's content is curated by professionals like dieticians, trainers etc. and it is based in Australia.

Zeno's core value proposition is to bundle exercise, meditation, fasting, sleep tracking, breath work, cardio, etc. accessible - all just for $10/m. It doesn't out-compete in a single vertical (such as exercises).

Client's Challenge

To create a platform for the average guy who is starting their personal development journey.



Create an MVP for the initial launch.

Develop the Pro version also to be added in the later releases.

What's been done

After detailed competitive research and competitive analysis, we found out which competitors are closest to delivering a similar value proposition, Are their products failing? Why? Which competitors directly appeal to Zeno's potential customer segment? How do customers discover the competitors? What products offer the best UX and business models? What do they have that Zeno's users will like?

We created provisional personas and conducted customer discovery to validate the value proposition.

We storyboard the value innovation and created the MVP for the initial launch.

We implemented business requirements for developers and executives so that they understand the Customer Journey Map better.



We created a delightful and valuable MVP for Zeno's initial customer segment with four sections including exercise, meditation, fasting, and sleep tracking and we later added four more new sections in the later releases.

Available on IOS.

We created the Pro version of the app for future releases.