How to increase viewer engagement during the race broadcast



Soteria — Canadian department of Formula 1 — Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix, the biggest sporting event in all of Canada

Client’s Problem

F1 online viewers asked for more engaging content. They wanted to view F1 in a way never previously imagined, becoming interactive viewers themselves.



Increase viewerships on live broadcasts

Enhance viewer engagement during the race broadcast

What’s been done

Created a special software program for Formula 1 viewers

Conducted an audience analysis identifying what the priority audience knows, thinks, feels, and does during the race

Developed convenient day and night interface design

Adapted specific gauges for the viewer. Now he has access to various data such as speed, lap time, tire pressure, live telemetry, and driver tracker for every session (throttle, gear, brake, DRS) as well as sector times and pitstop info, interactive driver tracking maps, team radios and race control messages.

Created an accurate UX for the broadcast period so that the viewer can see all the indicators on his screen



Increased viewer engagement by 50%

Conducted A/B testing with positive results and satisfied customers

Provided fans with a unique content experience of immersion no matter where they are