How to increase customer retention through UX improvement



Proforma helps entrepreneurs build detailed financial models, get funded, and get launched

Client’s Problem

The company experienced a gradual decline in customer engagement. More than half of the customers did not renew their subscription for this product after one month of use



Make a handy tool that allows startups to present their ideas to investors

Retain customers

What’s been done

Conducted profound competitive research, identifying the customer profile and what he really needs

Developed user flows, making sure to present the right information at the right time while minimizing friction along the way

Improved the user experience design, making it more convenient for users

Developed UI kit, making it easy to scale the product to other regions and add new content blocks

Built an adaptive layout with Tailwind



Created a convenient tool for displaying a large amount of data

Achieved a 50% increase in customer retention through UX improvement

Developed a website for this product

Personalized Saas through customer survey