How to attract clients from the S&P500 through successful design development


Growth Marketing Platform

A large full service marketing agency that focuses on the strategic planning process in order to develop clear, synergistic, cost effective advertising and marketing programs.

Client's Challenge

The company sought new ways to improve its outbound marketing platform.



Develop a design for outbound marketing campaigns platform

Automate email marketing, calls, push notifications via social media and mobile device

Boost customer loyalty

Simplify marketing processes

What's been done

Conducted profound research, overviewing the relevant employee needs

Created the Information Architecture and UI Design.

Created a business process roadmap.

Provided an interactive prototype that showed the visual representation of the platform's UI.

Developed UI kit, making it easy to scale the product to other regions and add new content blocks

Created an identity mockup in AirFrame

Encouraged employees to test the platform in their daily workflow

Transformed business requirements into a detailed system architecture which was feasible, robust and brought value to the organization, preparing it for the next stages of software development.



Attracted 2 companies from the S&P500 as a stable client.

Increased customer base, attracting new clients from financial and telecommunications industries.

Improved customer retention strategies through reporting and timely response to claims.

Extended the contract with the main client for 3 years