How we enhanced customer engagement of an app by applying gaming principles


Project Genesis

Genesis is a special project of US satellite TV giant DISH Network which allows potential customers to register their interest in its planned 5G network.

Client's Challenge

The client created a mobile app to help customers test 5G Network and wanted to introduce practices to keep users coming back to his app.



Design a mobile app user interface and user experience

Increase user engagement

Develop a customer feedback tool

What's been done

Conducted profound research, identifying the customer profile and what he really needs

Designed convenient UX/UI for this app

Improved customer loyalty with gamification, introducing awards, rewards and rankings for clients

Conducted A/B testing with positive results and satisfied customers

Provided an interactive prototype that showed the visual representation of the app's UI

Developed UI kit, making it easy to scale the product to other regions and add new content blocks

Developed convenient interface design

Created an identity mockup in AirFrame



Enhanced customer engagement by applying gaming principles and gaming app design elements.

Created a tool to track potential errors and respond to any technical problems in a timely manner

The customer signed a contract to develop another app for Boost Mobile.