How to create a user-friendly interface for customers of creative platform



Fanimie is a new, creative platform for creators, influencers, celebrities, and fans to interact. On this platform, creators will be able to earn money through fans' subscriptions, set at their price. The creators will also be able to share exclusive content, sell merchandise, host competitions, play games, sell video calls and cameos.

Client's Challenge

The startup's founder wanted to develop this product to show its prototype to the potential investor



Develop this platform and create a user-friendly interface for customers

What's been done

Developed specifications and business requirements

Designed user flow, creating a visual representation of the path that is taken by an end-user on the platform to complete a certain task

Conducted audience analysis to identify its key pathways

Conducted competitive research identifying the main competitors, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of their products and services

Developed UI kit, making it easy to scale the product to other countries

Developed different parts of the start screen

Designed a logo and guideline



Created an interactive prototype of this platform

Designed convenient UX/UI of this platform

The startup's founder raised $3 million to develop this platform