How we helped to maintain customer loyalty through a mobile app


Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is a wireless telecommunications brand used by two independent companies in Australia and the United States.

Boost Mobile gives you everything you could want in a wireless carrier. High-speed data, unlimited talk & text, and unlimited music streaming without data charges are included on all plans.

Client’s Challenge

Boost Mobile tended to have a low average transaction value.

It has been a real struggle to retain customers and keep them from switching to other cellular operators.

Phone challenge Phone challenge


Increase average transaction value.

Retain and attract customers.

What’s been done

After the profound competitive research, we understood the customer profile and what he really needs. It turns out that customers wanted to have additional entertainment features. So we added the ability to earn points by making purchases, and get discounts at partner companies.

We designed user flow, making it easy to navigate through the app.

We implemented business requirements for developers and executives so that they understand the Customer Journey Map better.

We introduced a UI Design System to scale the app for the global market.



We developed a convenient and powerful application available for everybody.

We achieved a 60% increase in monthly customer retention.

We achieved a 50% increase in monthly customer engagement.

Available on IOS, Android.

We strived to fill the product with tools for every person (available for the visually impaired).